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The car I have booked has a Dash Camera, what’s it for?

From mid-January through to early May some of the cars listed on Getaround may be operating with a Nauto front and rear facing dash camera. It is part of a trial to improve safety and security, as well as protecting our customers from being liable for any third party liability claims.

What will the camera record?

This Nauto device is an event-triggered Safety Device, meaning that video recording only takes place when an incident (hard acceleration/braking/cornering, collision or distraction) occurs. Drivers can also press the ‘Mark Button’ to record events. Whatever is recorded, the Driver and passenger faces will always be blurred.

What will happen to the recordings?

Records are only kept in the event of an incident and they are then sent directly to our insurance providers to ensure claims are processed efficiently and to protect Getaround customers from being liable for third party claims.

How does the ‘Mark Button’ work?

If you believe that there has been an unsafe event - i.e. situations that might have not necessarily triggered the Nauto device to record, but you feel could be of relevance - then you are also able to press the Mark Button once to log an event with a ‘before and after’ video. Pressing the Mark Button 3 times will log the event (before-and-after video) and will send a panic alert to Getaround Safety team immediately.

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