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What insurance conditions must be respected?

The renter must comply with certain conditions for the rental to be insured. You are also responsible for ensuring that they are met. The conditions are the following:

  1. Respect the conditions of age and years of driving license applying for your vehicle category (see conditions by category). To know the conditions applying to your vehicle, go to Your Cars > Selected car > See the listing, then Conditions required by Getaround.

  2. Pay for the rental using a means of payment in the driver's own name.

  3. The driver has to sign the rental agreement, and so do you.

You are responsible to scrupulously perform the verifications detailed in the rental agreement, which enable to ensure that conditions 1 and 3 are met. Not making those verifications will make you lose the benefit of Getaround’s insurance cover, as well as Getaround’s revenues guarantee in case of extra charges (recovery of deductible, traffic ticket management, etc.).

The driver also has to :

  1. Remain within certain European countries (see full list)

  2. Not use the vehicle either for commercial transportation of passengers (taxi, private hire, ride-hailing, ...) or of goods. Only ride-sharing with sharing of costs is allowed.

  3. Remain the main driver of the car during the rental, which means the renter cannot rent a car on behalf of someone else. However, as long as the renter is the main driver, you can accept secondary drivers for free, which you'll have to add to the rental agreement as long as they meet the rental conditions.

You must also cancel a rental if you are aware that any of these will be disrespected. However, if you are deceived by a renter who wasn't respecting all of those conditions, in case of damage, all expenses will be at his charge.

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