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Why can't I see my car in the search results?

If you're trying to see your own car on Getaround but can't find it in the search results, there can be a few explanations. Here's what to check to make sure you can find your car:

  1. Check that you have selected dates when your car is available.

  2. (Except in the UK) If your car is in the Van or Minibus category, you will need to select this category in the filters on the left of the page. Your car won't show if you don't filter on your car type.

  3. If you have an Getaround Connect car without Instant booking, your car won't show in the search results when you filter on "Getaround Connect". This filter will only show Getaround Connect cars with Instant booking. You can remove the Getaround Connect filter to see your car or activate Instant booking on your vehicle.

  4. If you've added your driving licence information to your profile, check that you meet the necessary conditions to rent your car. You can find all the conditions here.

  5. Check that you were searching at times you specified you were available to give the car to a driver. You can edit this in Your cars > Change my check-in/check-out times.

  6. Check if your car shows when checking "All" in the acceptance rate filter. If your car does show then, it means that your car has a positive response rate under 30%. Out of all the requests you received, you said no or didn’t reply to more than 70%. To improve your score, you can update your calendar to only show dates when you’re 100% sure you will be available and accept requests as soon as possible when you get them.

  7. Check that you're looking for your car according to the conditions that you set (number of days minimum for a rental, for instance). You can edit this in Your cars > The relevant car > Your conditions.

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