Understanding the search results

Article updated on 11/25/2022

How it works

The search function is designed to successfully match drivers to cars. It relies on 2 main mechanisms: ranking (how listings are sorted) and filters (that determine which cars do or don't appear).

1) Ranking: how listings are sorted

Listings are sorted according to a combination of factors: attractiveness, price, acceptance rate, distance, rental duration, the age of the listing and responsiveness.

Attractiveness: The attractiveness of a listing is the ratio between the number of bookings (or booking requests) for the listing and the number of times the listing has appeared in the search results. If this ratio is high, it implies that the listing will usually match drivers’ expectations.

Price: We take into consideration how competitive a listing price is compared with similar listings in the area. Listings with unusually high prices are ranked lower because drivers book them less often. Listings with unusually low prices are also ranked lower to avoid price wars on the platform.

Acceptance rate: This factor is only taken into consideration for listings which haven’t enabled instant booking. In that case, the acceptance rate of an owner is the ratio between the number of booking requests accepted by the owner and the number of booking requests received by the owner. The higher the acceptance rate, the better the ranking of the listing. Here are some tips to improve your acceptance rate.

Distance: The shorter the distance between the search address and the car, the better the ranking of the listing.

Duration: Certain types of cars are a good fit for very short bookings (small city cars), while other types of cars are a better fit for longer bookings (family cars and SUVs). We adapt the ranking depending on the duration of the search.

Listing age: We give new listings a boost until they’ve gathered their first bookings.

Responsiveness: This factor is only taken into consideration for listings without Instant Booking. The listings of owners who reply to booking requests quickly rank higher, while listings with pending booking requests rank lower.

2) Filters: choosing which cars do (or don't) appear

In general, the listings that appear in the search results are those that:

  • are available for the selected dates
  • the driver is allowed to book (rules apply)
  • have rental conditions that match the selected dates and hours

There are a three exceptions:

  1. Vans only appear when the van filter is enabled.
  2. Listings with an acceptance rate below 30% only appear when most of the other cars are already booked.
  3. The Getaround Connect filter is usually enabled by default in certain big cities (Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Berlin, London, Barcelona), because drivers tend to prefer Getaround Connect cars and there's a large supply of them in these cities.

Frequent questions

Why isn't my car appearing in the search results?

If you're searching for your car but it’s not appearing in the results, several explanations are possible:

  1. Your listing hasn’t been activated yet. Every new listing is checked by our team before being published. If we need more information in order to activate your listing, we’ll contact you via email.
  2. Your car isn’t available on those dates. Check that you’re searching using dates on which your car’s calendar is free and you don’t already have a rental.
  3. The start or end time is outside your access hours. Check that you’re searching at times you allow drivers to pick up and return your car. You can view or edit your access hours here.
  4. The search criteria don’t meet your rental conditions. Make sure your search takes into account the conditions that you’ve set for your car (i.e. minimum/maximum rental duration, preparation time and maximum booking notice). You can edit these settings in “Your cars” > select the relevant car > “Your conditions.”
  5. You need to apply the Van or Minibus filter. (Except in the UK) If your car is in the Van or Minibus category, your car will only appear in the search if you apply the corresponding filter.
  6. You don’t meet the licence or age requirements for your car. If the age or driving licence information in your profile doesn’t meet the conditions required to rent your car, then you won’t see your own listing in the search results. Find out more about rental conditions.
  7. Your acceptance rate is lower than 30%. Try unchecking the “Acceptance rate above 30%” filter. If this makes your car appear, it means that your acceptance rate is under 30%. In other words, you declined or didn’t reply to more than 70% of the requests you received. You can improve this score by keeping your calendar updated so it only shows dates when you’re 100% sure you’ll be available and by accepting rental requests as soon as you get them.
  8. Your car has been restricted. Check your email inbox. If our team restricted your car from the platform, you’ll have received an email with more information and how to reactivate it.

How can I improve my car's ranking?

Read our tips for getting more rentals.

Why has my car dropped to a lower position?

If your car’s position has dropped, there can be three main explanations:

  1. Your pricing strategy: Check your car’s price for several durations (1 day, 2 days, 7 days). Is your car significantly more expensive than similar listings in the area? Drivers are less likely to book very expensive cars, so your position may have been impacted. Are you cutting prices massively to attract bookings? Your car may rank lower to avoid price wars on the platform. → Our advice: enable Smart Pricing or apply our pricing recommendations.
  2. Your car’s attractiveness: Your car’s attractiveness is based on a comparison to nearby cars. New, attractive cars may have been listed in your neighbourhood. It could also be that other cars have become more attractive (for example if they recently got Getaround Connect installed, received positive reviews or if their price matches driver’s expectations better). → Our advice: make sure you provide drivers with the best quality of service to get more positive reviews.
  3. Your acceptance rate: If you’ve recently declined booking requests, your car's position in the search results may have been impacted. → Read our tips to improve your acceptance rate.
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