Understanding the booking price

Article updated on 01/31/2023

The base price of a rental depends on your reference price and the rental's duration. We subtract our service fee from this price and drivers pay additional costs, such as insurance, on top of it.

Calculating what the driver pays

1) First, we take your reference price.

If you’ve set variable prices on your calendar, we apply the price of the date on which the rental starts.

However, there’s one exception: for a short rental (1 day or less) that’s distributed between 2 separate calendar days, we use the price of the date that contains the majority of the rental time. For example: if the rental starts on Friday at 11pm and ends at 4pm on Saturday, we use the reference price set for that Saturday. If the rental is split evenly between two calendar days, we use the price of the first day by default. For example: if the rental starts at 12pm on Friday and ends at 12pm on Saturday, we use Friday’s price.

2) Next, we take into account the duration of the rental:

  • Hourly rental (1-8 hours): The price for the first hour is 55% of your reference price. Each additional hour increases the price gradually until the full reference price is reached at 8,5 hours.
  • 1 rental day (8,5-24 hours): The cost is your reference price.
  • 2 rental days or more (24,5 hours +): The cost of each additional 24 hours is progressively reduced according to your car's long duration discounts.

3) Finally, we add various other costs, such as:

  • Insurance and roadside assistance
  • Our service fee for drivers
  • Additional insurance, if the driver purchased a protection plan
  • A young driver fee, if the driver is less than 26 years old

4) After the rental, the driver also pays for any extra mileage, fuel, or penalties.

Calculating what you’ll earn

1) First, we take the base price calculated in steps 1-2 above.

2) Then, we subtract our service fee. This is a fixed percentage of the rental price. You can find it on your car’s price settings page.

3) After the rental, we add on any adjustments or penalties paid by the driver. We subtract an admin fee or commission from some of these, such as: extra mileage, fuel refill fees (but not the cost of the fuel itself), and certain penalties. More information about adjustments and penalties:

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