Contacting Getaround

Article updated on 11/15/2021

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Customer Support

  • Email: Write to us via our contact page.
  • Phone: To help us prioritise urgent issues, our phone line is available starting from 1 hour before your rental until 1 hour after it ends. You can call us by opening your rental in the app and clicking on "Help."
  • Business hours:
    • France: 7 days a week (8am - 10pm)
    • Spain: 7 days a week (8am - 10pm)
    • UK: 7 days a week (8am - 11pm CET/CEST or 7am - 10pm GMT/BST)
    • Germany & Austria: Mon - Sat (9am - 6pm), Sun (10am-8pm)
    • Belgium: Mon - Fri (9am - 6pm)

Roadside Assistance

To call our 24/7 roadside assistance, open your rental page in the app and click on “Help.” Click here for more information about breakdowns.


You can follow an ongoing claims case on the corresponding incident page:

  1. Log in via the website. (The incident page isn’t available on the app for now.)
  2. Go to “Your Rentals.”
  3. Click on “Incidents.”
  4. Select the relevant incident.
  5. If you don’t find your answer there, click on “contact us” at the bottom of the page.
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