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What should I do if I can’t locate the vehicle for Getaround Connect?

To find your vehicle, go to Your rentals > Relevant rental. One hour before the start of the rental, the ‘Locate vehicle’ button will be available on this page.

If you cannot access the location of the vehicle

This might occur for several reasons:

  • The application failed to load the location of the vehicle: contact the owner to check if she has the position available, or contact us if she cannot help you.
  • The application tells you the previous rental is still ongoing : make sure with the owner that the previous driver will be back on time for the beginning of your rental.

You went to the provided location, but cannot find the vehicle there

Depending on the case:

  • The vehicle is in an underground car park : refer to the owner’s instructions on how to access the vehicle, the reserved place number, or the address for pedestrian access.
  • In the street, geolocation can be off by a few tens of meters. Browse the street a bit further, look in the perpendicular streets if the location is next to a crossroads, or check the closest parallel street.

If you still cannot locate the vehicle, contact the owner. Their number is displayed on the page of your rental.

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