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How does the deductible work?

The deductible is the threshold amount at which the insurance starts to cover any damage to the rented vehicle. The amount depends on the vehicle category. The deductible only applies to damages on the outside of the car, not on the inside. The "deductible reduction" option allows you to reduce this amount (with the exception of theft, in which case the full deductible is always charged).

These options can be subscribed during the payment, or anytime before the beginning of the first half-day of the rental from Your rentals > Select rental.

However, these options don't apply to third-party damages.

NB: The deductible reduction option isn't refundable, you can't remove it once you've booked.

For example, with a vehicle in Eco category, if you cause €600 of damage on your vehicle:

  • with a regular deductible (€900), you must cover the entire cost of 600€
  • with a reduced deductible (€250), you only pay 250€

The deductible reduction option hence prevents you from incurring too heavy losses if you cause an incident. You can buy the deductible reduction option during the payment of your rental.

For cars in Spain & the UK

However, you can't buy a deductible reduction option if the car you're renting has an external insurance and is not insured by Allianz. You can see if your car is insured with Allianz when you choose it: the Allianz logo will show or not.

For all countries

In case of multi damages during one rental, we will apply one excess per damage (so for instance a 900€ excess for each damage).

The deductible reduction option covers only one event. If you have two accidents during the same rental, it's the one with the highest costs for repair that benefits from the deductible reduction option.

NB: If you buy a deductible reduction option, please note that it isn't refunded after the rental, even if you didn't use it.

For FR, BE, DE, AT & ES

Moreover, a deductible reduction option allows you to get a replacement car for the remainder of your journey in case you have a breakdown.

NB: This option is only available for rentals booked after September 10th 2018.

For cars registered in Germany

Eco category : The amount of the deductible is 900€, and the reduced deductible is 250€.

More information about how the “deductible reduction” option and our insurance work.

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