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Article updated on 05/06/2022

When your car is booked on Getaround, both you and the driver commit to honouring that rental. If either of you break this commitment by cancelling, fees may apply depending on the situation.

If you cause a cancellation

We rely on car owners like you to help us provide a reliable service to drivers. When you don’t provide your car for a booked rental, you’re neglecting your responsibility as an owner and as a result you may be charged a penalty.

However, we understand that unforeseeable situations can arise. That’s why you’ll only be charged a penalty if your overall cancellation rate has surpassed the acceptable threshold. This threshold is currently set at 8%. For context, half of all owners on Getaround have a cancellation rate below 5%.

If your cancellation rate surpasses 25%, you may be removed from the platform entirely. (Exceptions can apply for owners with very few rentals or in special cases, like accidents.)

You can find your cancellation rate in the Performance page in your account.

Calculating your cancellation rate

  1. Your cancellation rate is based on the last 90 days and includes all cancellations that weren’t made by drivers or Getaround. We count all your cancelled rentals that would have taken place during the last 90 days, as well as any rentals scheduled for future dates but cancelled within the past 90 days.
  2. We divide this number by the sum of all your rentals (cancelled or not) that were scheduled to take place in the last 90 days, plus your future rentals that were cancelled in this same time period.

Example: Imagine you had 20 rentals in the past 90 days and 1 of them was cancelled. You also had 10 upcoming rentals, of which 2 were cancelled yesterday.

  1. We add up all the cancelled rentals: 1 + 2 = 3
  2. We add up all the past rentals plus the upcoming cancelled ones: 20 + 2 = 22
  3. We divide 3 by 22 which gives us a cancellation rate of 13.6%


If your cancellation rate is above 8%, you’ll be charged a penalty for each cancellation:

  • 20€/£ if the cancellation was more than 48 hours before the rental
  • 35€/£ if the cancellation was less than 48 hours before the rental

These fees will be deducted from your earnings. If your rate is below 20%, you’re given a grace period of 1 hour after the booking to cancel without fees.

If the driver cancels

Drivers can cancel free of charge in certain circumstances, meaning they'll receive a full refund and you won't be eligible for compensation. For example:

  • If they cancel within the grace period (i.e. more than 48 hours before the rental or within 1 hour after confirming the booking).
  • In cases of force majeure
  • If their profile couldn’t be verified
  • If the rental couldn't take place because of a technical issue
  • If you or your car caused the cancellation (you don't show up for the key exchange or there's a problem with your car: it's unavailable, it won’t start, it can’t be accessed, it doesn't correspond to the listing, it's in an unsafe or unacceptable condition, etc.)
  • If the check-in was significantly delayed because the previous driver returned the car late. (In this case you can be compensated by requesting late fees for the rental that ended late.)

Otherwise, you may be eligible for compensation according to the timing of the cancellation:

  • Less than 48 hours before the rental: you receive half of your expected earnings. The driver receives a partial refund.
  • After the rental was supposed to start: you’re paid in full. The driver receives no refund.

How to cancel

To cancel a rental, go to “Your Rentals” > select the rental > “Cancel the rental.”

How to contest a cancellation

Fees and/or refunds are calculated automatically upon cancellation, but you have 24 hours to contest them as well as the cancellation reason given by the driver.

Before you contest, please refer to the above list of circumstances in which drivers are allowed to cancel free of charge. If any of them apply, your contestation will not be accepted.

To contest a cancellation, go to “Your Rentals” > select the rental > “Compensation request following a cancellation.”

How to waive your compensation

You can opt to waive your compensation as a gesture to the driver. Click here for more details.

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