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How can I review a rental ?

Reviews are important on Getaround. They help you choose a vehicle with total peace of mind.

At the end of the rental, you have 14 days to leave a review on the rental. As we want you to feel free to leave an honest review, your review won’t be visible to the owner nor be published until he leaves you one. As soon as the owner left his review, you will discover it, and yours will be published on his profile.

Go to Your Rentals > Selected rental where you’ll see the block “Reviews”. You’ll have to rate separately :

  • The owner (responsiveness, availability)
  • The car (conformity to the listing : equipments, description...)

Then you can leave a global comment of 500 characters max, which will be published on the owner’s profile 14 days after the end of the rental, in the same time as his review about you will be published. Once the review is published, it can't be modified.

Important : Our users’ safety is a priority for us. You can report the vehicle as dangerous during the review by clicking on “Report a security problem with the car”. Our team will process to verifications on the vehicle immediately.

NB : Our community relies on honest and transparent reviews. We will remove every offensive or insulting review published on Getaround, and the author will risk to be expelled from the platform.

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