Extending or modifying rental dates

Article updated on 11/19/2021

The extension request must be done on the website and confirmed by the owner before the end of the rental. Please note that a rental can't last more than 30 days.

If you want to extend or modify your rental, go to Your rentals > [rental in question] > Extend or modify the rental. You will have to extend the rental with the same payment method you used to book the car initially.

  • If the car has instant booking activated and is an Getaround Connect car, your request will be approved automatically, as long as it doesn't reduce the price of the rental. If it does, the owner will have to accept your request manually. Please note you will only be able to ask an extension if the days are marked as available in the car's calendar.
  • If the car doesn't have instant booking or isn't an Getaround Connect car, the owner will have to accept your request manually.

Be careful: the rental will only get extended or modified if the owner approves your request. If the owner doesn’t, you must respect the dates initially planned, otherwise you will lose the insurance on the whole rental and may have to pay a penalty.

If you extend the rental, there is no need to print a second rental agreement, the initial agreement is still valid.

If you don’t have Internet access, call us or ask the owner to give us the details of the rental extension or modification and confirm it.

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