Information for drivers about the coronavirus (COVID-19)

Article updated on 12/29/2021

Car owners, please refer to this article

During this uncertain period, we’re constantly monitoring updates from the authorities and adapting our service in line with their recommendations.

Safety guidelines

Please remember to follow all health and safety regulations from your local government.

To help minimise the risk of spreading the virus, follow these guidelines to protect yourself when you use Getaround:

  • Before your rental: Bring a face mask, antiseptic gel, and disinfecting wipes if possible. Some owners may provide cleaning supplies in their cars, but we recommend that you bring your own in case they aren’t available. Stay home if you’re sick. If you're feeling unwell, please consider cancelling your upcoming rental and stay home.

  • During your rental: Clean and disinfect the car once you’ve unlocked it. Pay particular attention to frequently touched surfaces such as the steering wheel, gear shift, dashboard, door handles, and keys. Cover your cough with your elbow to minimise the spread of droplets and prevent them from getting on your hands. Wear a mask if you’re using the car with another person.

  • At the end of your rental: Throw away all used tissues and rubbish. Avoid touching your face until you’ve washed your hands with soap and water.

Upcoming rentals

Following the instructions of the authorities, we urge you to limit your trips to only the essential. If you have to travel, please follow these tips to stay safe.

Ongoing rentals

Traveling Abroad

Be sure to check for any travel restrictions set by the authorities in the country of your rental. If no such restrictions are in place, you may travel according to the usual rules for driving abroad with a Getaround rental.


As always, you need to return the car to the same location it was picked up from. Repatriation fees will apply if you return the car elsewhere.

What if the owner can’t be there for the return? (Rentals with in-person key exchange)

Contact the owner to ensure that you hand over the keys safely, either through a letter box or with a neighbour. Make sure to take photos of the condition of the car upon return: 8 exterior photos, fuel gauge, milometer, seats.


If you’re unable to return the car due to travel restrictions, you need to extend your rental.

What if I’m unable to extend the rental? (Example: 30-day limit reached)

  • Rentals with Getaround Connect: End the rental and then book the car again. Make sure to warn the owner beforehand.

  • Rentals without Getaround Connect: Warn the owner of the situation before contacting customer support.

Our service

Our team is here for you throughout this difficult time. If you’re trying to get in touch with us, we ask for your patience and understanding that our customer support team may take longer than usual to reply.

Car quarantine protocols

If we’re informed that a car has been in contact with the virus, we’ll deactivate the car from the platform. The owner will need to sanitise the car or quarantine it for 4 days (96 hours) before being able to make it available again.

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