Guide to breakdowns and malfunctions

Article updated on 11/15/2021

All vehicles are covered by Getaround’s roadside assistance. In the event of a breakdown, the renter must contact the 24/7 assistance. Details about the process are provided on the Roadside Assistance page. If the vehicle can't be driven anymore, it will be taken in charge. Two cases are possible :

  • The vehicle can be repaired quickly : the driver will be able to continue his journey with it. He will need a written agreement from you to proceed to the repairs.

  • The vehicle can't be repaired quickly : the driver will continue his journey thanks to the roadside assistance takeover, and will leave the vehicle at the garage. You'll receive by email the contact info of the garage to organize the repairs ; then you'll have to contact the roadside assistance to organize the returning of the vehicle.

Repairing fees

In case of breakdown, repairing fees will be :

  • At the driver's expense : if the driver used the vehicle incorrectly during the rental (wrong gas, didn't fill the tank ...). If you suspect an incorrect use of the vehicle during the rental, you'll have to mission an expert at your expense. If the expert demonstrates the driver is responsible, the driver will have to pay for the repairs and the expertise fees.

  • At your expense : if the driver made a normal use of the vehicle and it broke down because of a lack of maintenance.

A €90 management fee will applied to the owner if the breakdown was due to a car fault. A 200€ management fee will be applied to the driver if the breakdown was due to a pilot error.

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