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Where to find receipts on Getaround as a professional ?

As a car hire professional, you can access two types of documents in your account under My payments :

  • Receipts giving details of the financial transactions regarding your rentals, to help you do your accounting. However, note that they do not include VAT. These receipts can also help you draw up bills for your renters if your status allows you to.
  • Invoices, including Getaround’s service fee. On this document we will show you the deductible VAT amount and “self-assessment” is specified when applicable. Note that your insurance premium is not subject to VAT.

Both these documents include your information (name, address, etc.) as entered in your Getaround account. Make sure you provided the right information as it cannot be changed after the bill is issued.

If you can’t find the receipt of a specific transaction, email us with the rental number and we will send it to you.

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