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How are the fuel level and driven distance calculated on Getaround Connect?

The driven distance is automatically calculated by the device inside the car. There is no need to make note of the car’s mileage.

In most vehicles, the fuel level will also be recorded automatically by our device. Otherwise, you will need to input the fuel level manually at check in and check out.

If you drove more than the included mileage or if you give the car back with a different fuel level than at the start, an adjustment will be made after the rental (more information here).

For automatic adjustments on Getaround Connect rentals, the price per liter of fuel is fixed depending on the location of the rental:

Petrol Diesel
France 1,75€ 1,65€
Belgium 1,45€ 1,50€
Germany 1,50€ 1,40€
Austria 1,50€ 1,40€
Spain 1,40€ 1,35€
UK 1,35£ 1,44£

Additionally, you will be charged 0,60€ (0,60£ in the UK) per missing liter for the refill service.

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