Using my rental credit

Article updated on 11/15/2021

You can receive credits on Getaround, thanks to the referral program for example.

Your credits can be used during the booking during the payment of the rental or reduced deductible options. However, credits can't be used to pay for a reduced deductible option after the booking.

Credit can be valid from a few days to a year depending on the reason of obtention. As an example, referral credits last for a year.

How it works :

  • You are free to use or not your credits on the payment page.
  • If you choose to use your credits, we'll deduce a maximum of available credits to reduce the amount of the rental you'll have to pay.
  • If the rental price is inferior to your credits, you'll keep the balance of remaining credits for a future rental.
  • You'll always have at least 1€ to pay with your payment method, independently of your available credits.

Example :

You want to book a rental for 30€, and have 40€ of credits:

  • You only pay 1€ with your payment method.
  • 29€ of credits are used to complete the payment.
  • You keep a balance of 11€ credits, which can be used for a future rental.
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