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Why do I have to use a payment method under my name and last name and input accurate personal informations on Getaround ?

On Getaround, it is essential that your personal informations on your profile are accurate : they are used at the creation of the rental agreement. Your account is personal, you can't lend it to a relative who wants to rent on Getaround : he has to create a personal account under his name. The renter is the person who pays for the rental, and also the main driver.

If your personal infos are incorrect, you can edit it anytime in your profile, as long as it doesn't compromise the compliance of your profile to the rental conditions of the vehicle. At the beginning of the rental, informations appearing on the rental agreement will be compared by the owner to the ones appearing on your driving license, and on your payment card : in case of non-conformity, he will be forced to refuse the rental, according to our insurance conditions..

However, there are acceptable exceptions :

  • if your maiden name appearing on your driving license is different from your name on your payment card, you'll have to show to the owner a justification where your maiden name and your married name appears

  • If your surname or first name is too long and was truncated on your payment card for example, you'll have to present an additional ID where your full name appears to the owner

NB : On Getaround Connect, if you're profile has the status "verified" and you edit it, our team will have to validate it again - you have to take into account this treatment process for your upcoming rentals.

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