How could I be denied insurance coverage?

Whatever happens, you must comply with all our insurance conditions. You may be denied insurance coverage if :

  • You don't remain the main driver throughout the rental (secondary drivers are allowed as long as they were added to the rental agreement, but the main driver has to be present at the beginning and end of the rental).

  • The rental was not paid for online with a means of payment in your own name

  • You didn't sign the rental agreement

  • You were not present at check-out

  • You return the car out of the rental period

  • The car was taken out of the authorized countries during the rental (see full list)

Please note also that some devices and errors are not insured, and any damage will be at your responsibility:

  • Damage inside the vehicle (seats, glove box, etc.)
  • Fuel errors
  • Loss of keys
  • Any breakdown consequent to a misbehavior on your behalf
  • Any aggravation of a first damage or breakdown
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