Adding a secondary driver

Secondary drivers are allowed on Getaround (except in the UK). There are different ways of adding a driver depending on your rental type. It’s possible to add several secondary drivers to your rental.

Getaround Connect rentals

Secondary drivers can be added from the rental’s page before or during the rental. Scroll down to the driver section and follow the instructions to add a new driver. If you cannot see the drivers section, update your app.

The secondary driver will receive an email explaining the steps that he or she needs to follow. In order to be added to the rental as a secondary driver, the person must:

  • Have a Getaround account, and the Getaround app
  • Get their profile verified, if they haven’t done so already
  • Accept the invite

Once your invite is accepted, you will receive a confirmation email and the driver will appear in your rental page. Until then, the other driver is not allowed to drive the car. Only the main driver can do the check in and unlock the car.

If you encounter issues during the process, you can write to us at: [email protected]

Please note that no documents submitted to this email address will be verified. Please use the application to invite other drivers to join your rental, and only write if you've encountered technical difficulties.

Non-Getaround Connect rentals

For non-Connect rentals, ask the owner to add your secondary driver when you meet for the key exchange. Make sure the secondary driver accompanies you so they can personally present their driving licence and ID to the owner. The owner can then add them to the rental via the app, or on the paper contract.

Once the secondary driver is added, he or she can drive anytime during the rental - the primary driver doesn't need to be present.

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