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How does the referral program work ?

You like Getaround? Make your friends discover the concept with the referral program !

How does it work ?

  1. To invite your friends, go to Your account > Referral.

In France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, and Spain

  1. When your friend signs up on Getaround from your invitation link, he receives 15€ of credit to rent on Getaround at low prices, and becomes your referee. To benefit from the 15€ credit, your friend has to sign up on Getaround after clicking on your invitation link. You can earn credits for referring up to 5 friends per month.

  2. When your friend finishes his first rental on Getaround, you also receive 15€ of credit you can use on Getaround.

Note that the referral program is designed for new members, your friends who already have an account on Getaround can't benefit from the 15€ credit if you invite them.

In the UK

How can I refer a friend?

Liking Getaround? Let your friends know!

Does one of your friends want to rent a vehicle with Getaround for the first time? Refer them to Getaround and you’ll both get £15 credit to use on your next rental!

If you are an individual not registered as a professional on the Platform who have already an account on the Platform as a Renter or Car Owner and have completed at least one rental in the last twelve months (i.e. if you are a Renter you have had at least one rental during that period and if you are a Car Owner, you have rented your vehicle at least once during that period), you can refer one of your friends to Getaround for his/her first rental (up to 5 friends referred per month).

Both of you will get £15 credit added to your account to be used for your next Getaround rental subject to compliance with all the referral conditions of new renters.

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