I can’t get my profile verified on Getaround Connect, what should I do?

For UK

To rent a car on Getaround, your profile needs to be verified by our team.

For BE, DE, AT, FR & ES

To rent an Getaround Connect car or a car in the category 3 (or 4), your profile needs to be verified by our team.

All countries

If your profile couldn't be verified, we invite you to check your emails. A email was sent to explain the reason of rejection, or potential additional documents required.

To make your profile verification easier make sure :

  • Your name and first name filled on Getaround are the same as the ones on your driving license and identity document
  • Your driving license is signed
  • You sent a photo of your complete driving license : front and back.
  • Your selfie is clean with your face in the center.
  • Your photos are clean and not blurry

NB: The pictures you send us for verification need to be of the original and final documents. For instance, a temporary licence will not be accepted. Find more information on the conditions to rent a car here.

If your rental is about to start and your profile wasn't verified, you can contact us.

However, if your profile can't be verified because you can't provide the necessary documents, the owner unfortunately won't be able to do anything and you will need to cancel the rental.

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