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How is my account secured?

Strong password

In order to guarantee the security of your Getaround account we ask you to respect 5 complexity criteria.

Your password must:

  • be at least 8 characters long
  • contain at least one upper case letter
  • contain at least one lower case letter
  • contain at least one number
  • not be a common password, like "Qwerty123", "[email protected]$$w0rd"...

We also recommend that you choose a unique password, which you do not reuse on other sites. A good password should be hard to find, but easy to remember.

For UK:

You can more find tips on the Cyber Aware website.

For France:

The CNIL password generator can help you out if you're not feeling inspired.

Password hacking prevention

When we notice many failed attempts to connect to your account, access to the account is temporarily suspended to prevent any risk of hacking and you are notified by email. Access to your account is automatically unlocked after a few hours. If you have forgotten your password or wish to log into your account before the end of this period, you must reset your password.

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