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How does a classic rental work?

Once your rental is confirmed and paid, here are the next steps to follow:

  • Arrive at the meeting on time.

  • Present all the required documents to the owner before he asks for them (for an Getaround Connect rental, these verifications are handled by Getaround beforehand) : your original driving license (no copy), and the credit card under your name used for the payment (In Germany : not necessary if you paid through Paypal). If you have have a foreign license, extra documents might be necessary. In case of additional drivers, each additional driver has to present his original driving license to the owner and be added by the owner to the rental agreement at the beginning of the rental.

  • Fill the rental agreement with the owner and sign it.

  • If you want to smoke or transport animals in the car , make sure you have the owner’s permission - otherwise, fees will be applied.

  • Do not forget to fill the tank before returning the car. You should give it back with the same level of gas as at the beginning of the rental.

  • Return the vehicle as clean as you received it. If the vehicle is a little messy at the end of the rental, clean it inside and out before you return it.

  • Fill the rental agreement again when you return the car, process to adjustments for gas and mileage with the owner if necessary, and sign the contract.

  • Review the rental to share your experience and help future drivers picking a vehicle on Getaround.

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