Why do I have to provide an intra-community VAT number?

In the European Union, all companies or self-employed professionals providing a service or selling something, must be registered with a VAT number. The Getaround platform is operated by Getaround SAS, which is a French company, so owners in Spain must have a VAT number that works within several EU countries: an intra-community VAT number.

When you are listed as a company or self-employed professional in Spain, for each rental Getaround will provide you an invoice with 0% VAT for the platform intermediation services (invoice between a French and a Spanish company). Note that owners are responsible for invoicing Drivers for the rental service and paying the appropriate VAT with the Spanish tax authorities.

How do I register for an intra-community VAT number?

To register as an intra-community operator, you can visit the web page of the Spanish tax Agency.

Where do I have to input my intra-community VAT number?

You need to add your intra-community VAT number in your company information, in your account. You can find more information on how to update your billing information here.

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