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What do I need to do when I receive a rental request?

When you receive a rental request, you have two options:

  • Accept, only if you can give your vehicle’s keys at the requested time and place. If you accept requests you cannot fulfill, your vehicle’s ranking will go down. Once you’ve accepted a request, the driver will have to pay and confirm.

  • Decline if the request, the meeting time or the meeting place doesn’t suit you.If your car is not available for the requested dates, update your calendar.

If you need more information to answer a request, call or text the driver.

Note: You will be informed by e-mail and text message if the renter confirms the rental. You will receive a checklist of the steps you must take to prepare the rental. The renter may not confirm the rental, as most people contact several owners before making their choice. For this reason, if you receive several rental requests for the same dates, we would advise that you accept them all. The first renter who pays gets to rent your car.

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