Tips for getting more rentals

1. Add photos of your vehicle

Photos of the vehicle are the first items renters are looking at when they are looking for a car. The more beautiful your photos are, the more renters will be willing to rent your car. Read our tips to know how to take better photos of your car. Also, do not forget to add a profile picture.

2. Make sure the price is right

The right price is determined on the age and model of your car but also on the seasonality and level of demand. If you are a new owner, start with a relatively low price to easily make your first rentals and thus collect positive evaluations.

3. Fill your listing out with plenty of details

Give renters as much details as possible: exact model, overall vehicle condition, level of cleanliness, any minor problems they should know about, features and accessories.

4. Keep your calendar up to date

Keep your calendar up to date to only have rental requests when your vehicle is available. Not only this will prevent you from being bothered needlessly, but mostly it will allow you to accept a maximum of requests and therefore improve your listing ranking in the search results.

5. Reply promptly to rental requests

The faster you reply, the higher up your listing will appear in search results. To improve your response time, download the Getaround app if you haven’t done it yet ! You can then answer very quickly to your rental requests.

6. Say YES to requests

Replying to requests is good, but replying YES is even better ! Your accept rate (number of positive responses / number of requests received) plays an important role on your listing ranking. Read our tips to accept as many requests as possible.

7. Precise your rental conditions

To avoid being bothered by rental requests that do not suit you and to improve your positive response rate, you can set rental conditions for your car : rental duration (for example : minimum 2 days) and booking time frame (for example : no last minute request).

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