Tips for getting more rentals

Article updated on 01/31/2023

1. Take good photos of your car

Photos are the first thing drivers will see when searching for a car. The better your photos, the more likely it becomes that a driver chooses your car. Read our tips to find out how to take great photos of your car. We also recommend adding a profile picture.

2. Set a fair price

A fair price is one that is consistent with the age and model of your car, as well as the time of year and the level of demand. The easiest way to set a good price is to enable Smart Pricing or to apply our recommended prices.

3. Write a detailed description

Provide as much detail as possible: the exact model, general condition of the vehicle, any minor problems to know about beforehand, plus any additional options or accessories.

4. Maintain a high acceptance rate (or activate instant booking)

Your acceptance rate (the number of accepted rental requests out of the total number of requests received) plays an important role in ranking your listing in the search results. To maintain a high acceptance rate, make sure you always keep your calendar updated and that you customise your rental conditions to avoid getting requests that don't suit you. We also recommend accepting coinciding requests: if you receive several rental requests for the same dates, go ahead and accept all of them. The driver who pays first will confirm the rental, and the other requests will be cancelled automatically without your acceptance rate being affected. Consider activating instant booking for your car to keep a perfect acceptance rate with zero effort.

5. Respond quickly to requests

The quicker you respond, the higher your listing appears in the search results. You can improve your response time by downloading the Getaround app, if you haven’t already! You can even activate instant booking for your car in order to automatically accept rental requests.

6. Provide a 5-star service

Make sure your car is clean and well-maintained. If your car is equipped with Getaround Connect, make sure your access instructions are detailed and helpful. This way you’ll maximise your chances of getting positive reviews, which will increase your car’s attractiveness.

7. Install Getaround Connect

Most drivers prefer cars that are equipped with Getaround Connect. For more information and to check whether your car is eligible, click here.

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