How to invoice your service to the driver?

In Spain, every owner, private or professional should be able to provide an invoice to the driver.

The amount paid by the driver is the amount you should invoice. You will find this information in Your payments > Completed transfers > Receipts.


Don’t forget to mention all the rental details available on the receipts such as name of the driver, car details, rental mileage and dates, etc. The receipts are available in Your payments > Completed transfers > Receipts.


Steps to create your invoice:

Let’s take an example of a rental where the driver paid 56€*:

For a car registered in Spain :

If you are subject to IVA, your invoice must include the taxable amount, the amount of the IVA and the total amount including IVA. IVA rate: 21%.

       - Taxable amount = 56/1,21 = 46,28€

       - IVA amount : 46,67€ * 21% = 9,72€

       - Amount including IVA = 46,28€ + 9,72€ = 56€

If you are in Canarias, the applied tax is IGIC (13,5%) instead of IVA (21%)

** Excluded extra expenses such as cdw, penalty, damage cost which won’t appear in the transaction receipt.

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