Starting and ending a rental

Getaround Connect rentals: you don't meet with the driver. Profile verifications are taken care of by Getaround.

Traditional rentals:

Every driver must :

  • Be present at check-in
  • Present his original driving license (no copy) with the first name, last name, driving license number and expiration date for the main driver is the same as on the rental agreement.
  • Present the credit card used for payment on Getaround under the same first name and last name as on the contract.
  • Match the number of years of driving license required for you vehicle category. Learn more.

In case of foreign driving license, extra documents may be necessary. Learn more here.

Then, fill the agreement with the driver, process to the walkaround inspection and make sure the driver signs the agreement.

NB : In the event where one of the elements above would be incorrect, you must cancel the rental, because the insurance wouldn't cover the rental in case of problem. You'll be refunded accordingly to our cancellation policy.

Can I accept a declaration of loss or theft of a license instead of the original?

In the absence of the original driving license, please cancel the rental. You will be compensated accordingly with our cancellation policy.

Should I ask for a deposit cheque or proof of address?

No. Getaround will take care of debiting the driver in case of additional charges during the rental. You should not ask the driver for a deposit cheque.

Can someone other than the renter come and pick up the car?

No. Only the renter who booked and paid for the rental can come and pick up the car.

At check-in, you must perform verifications of the driver’s identity, that require their physical presence. Those verifications are thoroughly explained in the rental agreement. It is not permitted for Peter to register on the website, Paul to pay and Jack to come and pick up the car. Do not hand your keys over if one of the conditions of the rental agreement is not met, you would not be covered by our insurance. Don't hand your keys either before the time the rental was supposed to start without modifying the rental.

This means that you must not agree to any of the following:

  • A friend comes to pick up the car instead of the person who contacted you on the website
  • A partner, relative or friend pays instead of the renter, even if the latter is present at check-in
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