Can the renter pay me in cash, upfront?

No. You should never accept rentals that are not paid for on the website. Cash payments are not permitted to pay for a rental.

If the renter does not pay online, then your vehicle will not be covered by Getaround in the event of an accident or a theft.

Online payment is a measure designed to protect you. Do not take unnecessary risks by accepting payment by any other means than the website. If a renter cannot pay online, then they can't rent your car.

If a renter does not own a credit card, or if their credit card is declined by our payment provider, they cannot rent your vehicle. Sometimes, credit cards are declined even if the cardholder has enough money on their account, due to maximum payment limits or anti-fraud filters.

Cash payments are allowed for adjustments after the rental, if the contract mentions that you can settle with the driver directly.

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