Guide to instant booking

Article updated on 08/23/2022

Instant booking makes you save time! No need to confirm rental requests : the driver selects your car and goes directly to the booking and payment step. You’re notified each time a driver books your car.

Once the instant booking option is activated, your car appears in the search with a lightning bolt symbol.

Please note that only owners with at least two active cars on our platform are able to use the "Instant Booking" feature.

How does it work?

  • You can activate Instant Booking for Your Cars > Activate instant booking.

  • The driver will then select your car in the search results and immediately proceed to the payment, without you needing to accept his request. For this reason, it’s essential to maintain your calendar up to date and input your rental conditions properly to avoid wasting your time, and the driver’s one. If you have trouble to anticipate your car availability, read our advices on how to keep your calendar up to date.

  • You can deactivate instant booking as soon as you want in your car parameters. You can also customize the message to send automatically to the driver once the rental is confirmed. However you can’t deactivate Instant Booking if you have an Getaround Connect car.

NB : We’ll follow up closely the cancellation rate on instant booking cars to guarantee an optimal rental experience. If you cancel too much, we’ll deactivate instant booking from your car.

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