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What should I do in case of an accident?

If an accident occurs, Getaround’s insurance will handle it. You do not need to involve your regular insurer. No insurance malus will be applied to you, it's the driver who will be held responsible of the possible damages if you rented a vehicle properly maintained in the beginning of the rental.

During the rental : wait for the driver's come back

  • The driver informs you an accident occurred : you don't have to interfere. Ask him to take pictures, and if the accident involves a third party, to fill the constat amiable. The insurance policy number is :

    • For cars registered in France: 53368215
    • For cars registered in Spain: 38000000
    • For cars registered in UK: BV/27657645
    • For cars registered in Germany: 30/R001/0049561/240
    • For cars registered in Austria: A807422456
    • For cars registered in Belgium: ZCN110000536 He will continue his trip if it's possible, otherwise he will be taken in charge by Getaround's roadside assistance if the vehicle can't be driven anymore.
  • Wait for the end of the rental : no need to contact Getaround, we can't open a claim without the documents you'll fill with the driver at the end of the rental (rental agreement and damage report).

At the end of the rental : fill the documents with the driver

  • When the driver comes back, start by filling the rental agreement.

  • Then, fill the damage report together, accessible on the rental page by clicking on "Report an incident". The damage report has to be signed by both parties so your claim is complete. Each of you has to keep a copy of it : it needs to be filled in two copies - or one you keep and the other taken in picture by the driver.

After the end of the rental : report the incident

  • Report the incident to Getaround (within the 5 days following the end of the rental // UK: within the 2 days following the end of the rental) : you have to report the incident from Your rentals > [selected rental] > Report an incident, from a web browser (not from the app). Please attach every document you have to make your request's treatment faster. More informations about it on the article “Report an incident”.

  • We get back to you : Getaround will contact you within 10 business days maximum to organize the takeover of your vehicle.

Please note

  • If the driver can't drive the vehicle back : after an accident, the roadside assistance takes care of the towing of the vehicle to a local garage and the continuing of the the journey if necessary. If that happens, the driver will let you know. You'll have to report the damage to Getaround with all the elements you have and wait for us to get back to you. Once the repairs will be done, you'll have to call our roadside assistance to organize the returning of the car.
  • Partner garages : our insurer has agreements with an important network of garages where you won't have to advance money for the repairs et will benefit from a replacement vehicle during the repairs if that's possible.

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