Registering as a professional

Article updated on 01/31/2023

How to register as a professional

If you already have a user account :

Log in, go to our professional page, and click “ I already have a company, I want to register”.

You will then be able to fill out our registration form.

A few rules regarding your change in status :

  • You won’t lose your history or reviews.
  • It is final and you won’t be able to go back to a private account afterward. -We will notify renters that you are a professional and will display your legal information at the bottom of your listings.

If you don’t have an account yet :

Go to our professional page, click “I already have a company, I want to register” and follow the instructions given to create your account.

Must I be a professional in order to list my vehicles on Getaround?

You don’t need to be a car hire professional : Getaround provides a very simple and intuitive, turnkey solution to launch your business. Go to the professional page to find out more.

Whatever your company’s legal status is, or its sector of activity, you can list your cars - as long as they’re insured against third party liability risks on a yearly basis. You can take out your insurance coverage as part of a fleet insurance contract.

Please note that garage/parking insurance policies are not systematically accepted and must specifically include civil liability without excluding any other uses.

I am a car hire professional, can I register my vehicles on Getaround?

Of course ! You can list some of your vehicles on Getaround to increase your online visibility. You will attract new customers who would not have spontaneously come to your agency.

However, you should make sure to respect our operating rules :

  • Use the rental contract provided by Getaround
  • Don’t require an extra security deposit

You can use our contact form to get in touch with our business team. They will guide you through your first steps on Getaround.

For owners in France: What is the professionalization threshold?

The professionnalisation threshold on Getaround is 8104.80€ of annual revenue in 2019, and 7 946€ of annual revenue in 2018. The website of reference is the Social Security website.

If the vehicles you want to rent out are registered in the name of your company or if your rental revenue exceeds a certain threshold, you do (cf. tab below).

Threshold for 2019:


Threshold for 2018:


(For other countries, we invite you to reach out to your local administration for further information.)

For owners in Austria: Do I need a trade licence?

A Getaround-business account is the right thing for you if you want to rent your car out on a commercial basis. In that case, a trade license is also required.

Please note that this does not necessarily require that the respective vehicle was already acquired with the intention of leasing it out. In particular, a commercial nature may also come into question if the leasing out is intended to provide more than just a contribution to the costs as car holder. The respective assessment may be dependent on the individual case, but is in any case your sole responsibility.

In case of uncertainty, we advise you to consult a tax advisor or lawyer. Getaround has the right to delete your account, if – e.g. due to an interception by a competition association – Getaround has reason to assume a commercial nature and if you do not, within 1 month after such notification by Getaround, provide evidence of a trade license notification (effected until then at the latest).

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