Taking quality photos

Article updated on 11/15/2021

Here are a few tips to help you take nice pictures:

  • A clean car is a good car: take a few minutes to do a fast cleaning!
  • Framing: take a ¾ front picture, a ¾ back picture and a picture of the inside of the car from the trunk. Try to keep the vehicle in the frame, overly zoomed pictures don’t give a good preview of the car.


  • Brightness: Take the pictures in a bright area. If needed, enable the flashlight on your camera to avoid shadows. Have the sun on your back to avoid being against the light. Don’t take the pictures in a dark parking lot.


  • Colors: If your car has a bright color (white, light grey), choose a dark background like trees or bushes. On the contrary, if your car is dark (navy blue, dark grey, black), choose a bright background.
  • DON’T: avoid dark, overly zoomed and blurry pictures.


  • Hint: If you don’t want to show your plate number, tape a sheet of paper on the plate. Otherwise, you can easily blur it or remove it with an accessible software (ex: Paint, Keynote, PowerPoint).

By following this advice, you will increase your odds to rank highly in search results and rent your car on a regular basis.

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