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How can I accept additional drivers ?

Sharing the driving helps making your trip safer on long journeys. Adding drivers is therefore permitted (unless it bothers you) and carries no surcharge for you or for the driver.

You can accept additional drivers as long as they meet Getaround's requirements in terms of age and driving history. You can find the detailed conditions for your rental on your listing, conditions required.

At the beginning of the rental, you must check the original driving license (no copy) of each additional driver. If the rental conditions are respected, you must then take pictures of each driving license (front and back).

  • On the mobile agreement, you must add each additional driver directly in Getaround app within the check-in flow.

  • On the paper contract, you have to right the name, surname, birthdate, driving license number and issue date of each additional driver at the back of the contract. You also have to keep the photos of each driving license on your phone for 30 days.

  • On Getaround Connect, the driver is in charge of sending the driving licenses of the additional drivers to Getaround for the verifications :

NB : Only the main driver can sign the agreement at checkin and check-out.

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