Managing my private insurance policy

Article updated on 05/06/2022

The rentals must be insured by Getaround’s insurance and assistance. They’re insured against all risks by Allianz (insurance_path) and benefit from 24/7 roadside assistance.

For cars registered in France: As a car hire professional, you can however enjoy a dedicated offer : a yearly insurance subscription that provides the same all-risks guarantees at an attractive price. The insurance commission will therefore not be debited from your rental revenues.

Can I cancel my regular insurance policy since I don’t use my vehicle except to rent it out?

No. Your vehicle must be covered by a yearly insurance policy (at least third-party liability insurance) besides the Getaround insurance.

If the renter gets controlled by the police, they will need to provide a copy of your insurance certificate. Parking/garage type insurance policies are not accepted.

My insurance policy permits me to lend my vehicle to other drivers. Can I go without Getaround's insurance?

No, you have to use our specific insurance to rent through the platform. It is automatically activated when the driver pays through the website, effective since the beginning of the first half-day of the rental, till the end of the last half-day of the rental.

Several insurers allow you to loan your vehicle to friends and family, but as far as we know, there are no insurers who will cover private rentals.Renting a car is a commercial transaction which is different from lending it. If you rent your vehicle without going through Getaround and an accident happens, your insurance will refuse to cover you - which could prove catastrophic. Moreover, you might suffer from penalties on your own policy, which is not the case with Getaround's insurance. And you will not be covered in the case of theft by the renter, because you will have given them the keys of your own will.

Payment via our website is a measure designed to protect you, and forgoing the website would expose you to important risk.

My regular insurance policy includes a mileage limit. Should I be worried about listing my vehicle?

If your regular insurance policy carries an annual mileage limit (cheaper insurance for cars that are rarely used), you must make sure that you do not exceed this mileage limit by renting it out. You can find the recap of the driver kilometers during your rentals in Your Payments > Completed transfers > Export Excel. The best is to contact your insurance directly to inform them that you are planning to rent your car on Getaround, so that they can confirm you whether it's possible or not.

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