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How do I get my profile verified on Getaround Connect?

Once your rental is booked, you'll be asked to verify your profile online. To do so, go to the rental in question, and click on "Verify my profile".

Follow the successive steps:

  1. Check the accuracy of your personal informations. This step is crucial for your profile's verification, name and first name must be identical to the ones appearing on your driving license and identity document.

  2. Upload your ID (front and back) or your passport (the 2 pages where your photo and signature appear). Make sure the upload is clear and readable.

  3. Upload your driving license (front and back). Don't forget to sign your driving license.

  4. Upload a selfie with your face in the center.

NB: The pictures you send us for verification need to be of the original and final documents. For instance, a temporary licence will not be accepted. Find more information on the conditions to rent a car here.

We recommend you do this verification as soon as possible within the rental flow to anticipate the potential verification delay.

Once the documents have been verified and approved, you will receive a confirmation email. We will contact you if we need additional documents.

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