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Do I need a trade licence? (AUSTRIA SPECIFIC)

A Getaround-business account is the right thing for you, if you want to carry out the car lease on a commercial basis. In that case, a trade license is also required.

Please note that this does not necessarily require that the respective vehicle was already acquired with the intention of leasing it out. In particular, a commercial nature may also come into question, if the leasing out is intended to provide more than just a contribution to the costs as car holder. The respective assessment may be dependent on the individual case, but is in any case your sole responsibility.

In case of uncertainty, we advise you to consult a tax advisor or lawyer. Getaround has the right to delete your account, if – e.g. due to an interception by a competition association – Getaround has reason to assume a commercial nature and if you do not, within 1 month after such notification by Getaround, provide evidence of a trade license notification (effected until then at the latest).

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