Guide to Smart Pricing

Article updated on 01/31/2023

Smart Pricing automatically adjusts your prices and updates them regularly to match current demand. You stay in control by choosing a minimum price and setting a specific price for any day you choose.

Advantages of Smart Pricing

  • Increased earnings: our data shows that certain cars earn up to 20% more.
  • Tailored prices: prices are adapted to each car for each date.
  • Time saved: tweaking your prices is time consuming. Smart Pricing does it automatically for you.

How it works

Smart Pricing analyses data to compute the ideal price for each car and each date: - the number of searches in your car's area - the share of nearby cars that have already been booked - the characteristics of your car, such as the model, Getaround Connect and reviews.

How to activate it

If your listing is new, it’ll take a few days before the Smart Pricing option appears for your car. This is because the algorithm needs some time to analyse the data and compute optimal prices for your car. After a few days, you’ll be able to activate Smart Pricing by following the steps below:

  1. Go to “Your cars” and select the relevant car
  2. Select the “Price” page in the menu
  3. Click on the invitation to discover Smart Pricing at the top of the screen
  4. Read how Smart Pricing works
  5. Set a minimum price
  6. Turn on Smart Pricing

Setting a minimum price

You’re free to set the minimum price you want, and to change it any time. When updating your price calendar, Smart Pricing makes sure never to go below your minimum price. We recommend that you set the lowest price you’re comfortable with, so that Smart Pricing has enough room to set competitive prices on regular weekdays, especially from Tuesday to Thursday. This will increase your occupancy when demand is low.

Multi-day discounts

A single long rental costs less to clean and maintain than several short rentals within the same time frame. This is why duration discounts are a standard practice in the car rental market. Smart Pricing keeps an eye on discounts from car rental agencies, then sets the optimal level automatically. Discounts are frequently updated, so your prices for long durations are perfectly adapted all year long.

How to deactivate Smart Pricing

  1. Go to “Your cars” and select the relevant car
  2. Select the “Price” page in the menu
  3. Click on “Smart Pricing”
  4. Select the button “Turn off Smart Pricing”
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