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How is the Getaround Connect rental process?

1. Rental request

As your Getaround Connect car will have Instant booking activated, drivers will be able to book it without you needing to accept manually. The profile of the driver is then verified by Getaround, particularly the driving license and identity documents of the driver.

2. Rental preparation

Before the beginning of the rental, leave the keys in your car (in the Getaround case), then close your car with your Smartphone : go to Your Cars, select your car then click on See on Getaround Connect > Close. The driver will be able to unlock the car as soon as the rental begins.

3. Beginning of the rental

The renter geolocates your car position on his smartphone 1 hour before the beginning of the rental. Once there, the driver will take 8 photos of the car, from different angles. Then, they will unlock your vehicle with their smartphone. They take the keys, indicate the mileage and the fuel level, and then go! You then receive an email with the contract of beginning of the rental. During the rental, the renter uses your vehicle normally (meaning with the keys).

4. End of the rental

The renter must take pictures of your vehicle under 8 different angles and then indicates the fuel level and mileage. He puts the keys back inside your car and locks it with his smartphone. You then receive an email with the contract of the end of the rental. You can then make a request to Getaround if any mileage or fuel adjustments must be made. If the driver damaged the car during the rental, they will have to report it from the app: you would then be notified by email. Once the rental is over, you can geolocate your car again with your smartphone. Once there, open it with your smartphone and get your keys back (in the Getaround pocket). You can then use your vehicle normally.

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