Preparing my car for winter

Article updated on 11/15/2021
  • Take your car to the garage In addition to the regular checks (lights, breaks, and tires), ask your mechanic to verify the battery and alternator because the battery can be exposed to harsh temperatures during the winter. An empty battery, besides preventing the vehicle from running properly, also risks damaging the electrical system and the ignition of your car.

  • Verify the washer fluid level As the washer fluid is mainly composed of water, the fluid easily freezes and stops working when temperatures drop. Therefore, it is recommended to refill the reserve with washer fluid that contains anti-freeze which resists temperatures up to -25° C. It is equally important to monitor the level and quality of the coolant.

  • Inspect the condition of your windshield During the winter, one simple impact can easily crack your windshield. As a result of the cold and frost, the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the vehicle changes the resistance of the glass and makes the windshield more vulnerable. Therefore, it is important to do all the necessary repairs before renting your vehicle.

  • Ensure you drive with tire chains If you live in a region where it snows often and if you do not have snow tires, it is essential to use snow chains. If needed, show the renters how to install these. The chains need to be installed directly onto the driving wheels (which are usually the front wheels) and taken off once the snow is no longer on the roads. In addition, you must drive below 50km/h while having the snow chains.

This article was written with the help of the Bosch Car Service garage network.


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