Cleanliness Rules

Article updated on 01/31/2023

1) Our Policy

You should always return the car as clean as it was when you first picked it up.

If you smoke in the car or if you return it dirtier than it was before, the owner can request that we charge you a cleaning fee. To make a fair decision, our team will compare the information provided at check-in (photos, cleanliness rating, etc.) with the check-out photos as well as the photos provided by the owner.

If at the start of your rental you find the car still dirty from a previous driver, make sure to signal it during the interior inspection in the app. This alerts the owner that the car needs cleaning. In severe cases, please let us know as well.

2) Cleaning Fees

Our team decides which fee to apply based on the type and severity of the mess:

Small mess (10€): You made normal use of the car, but returned it visibly less clean in the interior and/or exterior than at the start. Cleaning the mess won't require a lot of time or specific products/equipment. For example: the dirt can simply be rinsed off with a hose.

Medium mess (25€): You returned the car significantly dirtier in the interior and/or exterior than it was at the start. Cleaning the mess will require a considerable amount of time and/or a specific product/equipment. For example: you left garbage or unsanitary materials in the car (facemasks, animal hair), the car's exterior is muddy because you drove off-road or in a very dirty setting, you left it covered in insects or bird droppings, etc.

Large mess (70€): You used the car inappropriately and made no effort to clean it. Cleaning the mess will require significant time and/or effort, as well as special equipment or a professional service. This fee only applies to the car’s interior. For example: the seats are stained, there's deeply embedded dirt, etc.

Smoking (30€): We apply this fee when there are visual traces of smoking (ex: ashes or cigarette butts) or if the owner or subsequent driver reports a smell of smoke in the car's interior.

If the level of dirtiness warrants a professional cleaning service, you'll be charged the associated costs.

3) Cleaning Compensation

If at the start of your rental the car is still dirty from the previous driver, you can earn a 30€ rental credit by cleaning it. Here’s how:

1)Clean the car’s interior and/or exterior (see some tips below)

2)When you return the car, take clear photos of the interior and exterior and send them to us.

Tips for cleaning the car

Interior cleaning:

  • Use a simple disinfecting wipe to clean frequently-touched surfaces: the steering wheel, centre console, gear shift, handbrake, door panels and handles.
  • Shake out front and rear mats if they’re dirty or sandy. If you can, use a vacuum to clean up stubborn dirt.


Exterior cleaning:

If the exterior of the car needs cleaning, taking it to a nearby car wash is an efficient way to get it clean, fast. Gas stations also have handy windscreen wipers and cleaning products at your disposal.

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