Guide to the insurance cover and conditions

Article updated on 01/31/2023

Our insurance coverage was designed to protect you from any damage at your car or at any third-party property caused by the driver during a rental through Getaround. Your insurance bonus remains unaffected.

In case of damage, the driver pays the cost of the repairs up to the amount of the deductible, and the insurance pays the rest. Getaround's insurance covers :

  • Personal injury
  • Damages to the vehicle, fire or theft, either committed by the driver or by a third-party, up to 50 000€.
  • Vehicles that are less than 12 months old are covered for their purchase value (as opposed to the value computed by an expert). This means that you will not be penalized for a drop in the value of your new vehicle in case of an incident.
  • Damages from accidents and broken glass (impacts larger than a 2€/£1 coin)
  • Civil liability

In order to benefit from the insurance coverage, you have to make sure :

Please note that breakdowns, clutch issues and punctures are not insured by our policy. It is your responsibility to maintain your vehicle. In case of a breakdown, if you think the driver is responsible for it, you can appoint a car expert to prove this.

You can find more information on our puncture policy and our clutch policy in our Help Centre.

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