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What does the Getaround Connect rental process look like?

Rental request

To rent on Getaround Connect, you need to own a smartphone. Simply choose one of the listings marked with the Getaround Connect label, pay for your booking, and you're all set!

Once the rental is confirmed

Go to your Getaround Connect rental to verify your profile (from Your Rentals or your confirmation email). This step is necessary for your first rental with Getaround Connect, or if you already rented but updated personal infos (name, first, name, birth date etc.).

The day of the rental

Go to Your Rentals > Click on the rental > Locate the vehicle. You can see the exact location of the car starting from 1 hour before the beginning of your rental. (Note: You won't be able to begin your rental until the exact start time of your booking.)

Once there, you'll need to:

  1. Take pictures of the car
  2. Unlock the car.
  3. Get the keys inside the car.
  4. Indicate the fuel level.

During the rental

Use normally the car with the keys (to unlock it, to lock it, and start it).

End of the rental

  1. Give the car back with the same fuel level than in the beginning of the rental.
  2. Put the keys back inside in the dedicated pocket.
  3. Go back on the Getaround app and take pictures of the car.
  4. Declare any damage or problem that happened during the rental and lock the car with the app

If you don’t lock the car with your smartphone, it will remain open! Any trouble caused by not closing the car will be sustained against you. In case of problems, contact directly the owner.

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