Returning the car late

Article updated on 01/31/2023

In case of late return of the car, you have to warn the owner as soon as possible. If you know you will be late to give the car back, make a request to extend the rental, otherwise you will not be covered by our insurance.

Your request can be approved or declined.

  • If the extension is approved: The amount of the rental will be automatically adjusted and you will benefit from the insurance coverage.

  • if the extension is declined, or the owner can't approve it: You'll have to return the vehicle at the date and hour originally planned, otherwise you won't be covered by our insurance and will be responsible for any damage to the vehicle.

If you return the vehicle later than expected, you'll owe 15€ (£15 in the UK) per started hour of lateness. A grace period allows for the vehicle to be returned up to 29 minutes before charging additional fees. Past 30 minutes, a late fee is applicable and charged by the hour.

For example:
29 min late → Late fee not applicable
30 min late → Late fee applied (1 hour counted and charged)

And after the first hour:
1h01 late → Late fee applied (2 hours counted and charged)
2h40 late → Late fee applied (3 hours counted and charged)

You will also have to pay any additional rental duration and adjustments for gas and distance.

We remind you that after 24 hours of lateness, the owner of the car can report the vehicle as stolen and file a complaint against you to the police.

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