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Article updated on 02/02/2023

When you rent a vehicle on Getaround, your rental is covered by our insurance, regardless of the protection plan you purchased.

In addition, all rentals include 24/7 roadside assistance, which takes care of the car and the passengers in case of a breakdown or accident during a trip.

Protection Plans: Minimum, Plus, and Premium

When booking your rental, you generally have a choice of up to 3 different protection plans: Minimum, Plus or Premium. However, the Plus and Premium options might not be available depending on certain conditions such as your age, your rental history on Getaround and the category of the car you're booking.

If you choose the Minimum plan, you can upgrade to Plus or Premium at any time before the start of your rental on the relevant rental page in the My Rentals area of your account.

(NB: based on certain rental conditions - such as the age of the Renter, the category of the Vehicle or a damage caused to a vehicle during a previous Rental done by the Renter - the protection plans Plus and Premium may not be available to add to your rental)

For minimum insurance coverage and a standard deductible and security deposit, you can choose the Minimum protection plan.

To hit the road with greater peace of mind, choose the Plus or Premium protection plan. These include a lower deductible and deposit, as well as a replacement vehicle in case of a breakdown or accident during the rental.

The Plus and Premium plans can be cancelled or changed anytime before the rental. To do so, please contact us.

The cost of the protection plan will not be refunded after the rental has ended, even if no incident occurs that requires its use.

Example: when you rent a vehicle in the “Eco” category:

If you purchased the Minimum protection plan:

  • The standard deductible is 900€.
  • The standard security deposit is 315€.
  • If you cause a damage that costs 1200€ to repair, you will pay 900€. If you cause a damage that costs 300€ to repair, you will pay the full 300€, as it is less than the deductible amount. Provided the security deposit has not yet been released, this amount will be deducted from your deposit and the remainder will be released on your bank account.

If you purchased the Plus protection plan:

  • The deductible is reduced to 250€.
  • The security deposit is reduced to 250€.
  • If you cause a damage that costs 300€ to repair, you will only pay 250€. Provided the security deposit has not yet been released, this amount will be deducted from your deposit and the remainder will be released on your bank account.

If you purchased the Premium protection plan:

  • The deductible is reduced to 0€.
  • The security deposit is reduced to 150€.
  • If you cause a damage that costs 300€ to repair, you won’t have to pay anything. In absence of any other fees, the security deposit will be released on your bank account at the planned date.

Insurance Guarantees and Exclusions

Getaround’s insurance covers:

  • Damage to the vehicle’s exterior
  • Damage to a third party
  • Vehicle theft (the reduced deductible of the Plus or Premium plan does not apply in this case)
  • Fire
  • Broken glass (In the UK: Depending on the repairs needed, a £100 excess may apply.)

Getaround’s insurance does not cover:

  • Punctured tire(s)
  • Fuel error
  • Lost/damaged keys
  • Damages to the vehicle’s interior
  • Normal wear and tear

Important conditions

Multiple accidents:

If the vehicle is damaged multiple times during a single rental, the deductible will be applied to each damage (for example: a 900€ deductible per damage).

If you purchased a Plus or Premium protection plan, the reduced deductible will only apply to one damage (the one with the highest repair cost).

Example: You rent an “Eco” category vehicle with the Plus protection plan and cause 2 distinct damages:

  • Damage #1 costs 500€
  • Damage #2 costs 300€

→ You will be liable to pay the reduced deductible (250€ with the Plus plan) for damage #1 and you will pay the full 300€ for damage #2, for a total of 550€.

Accident with a known third party::

In the event of an accident with a third party for which you are not responsible, the deductible (as per the protection plan purchased) will be applied initially. It will be reimbursed to you as soon as the insurance confirms that you are not responsible or once the third party has accepted the recourse made against them. This duration is beyond our control and can take several weeks.

Accident with an unidentified third party:

In the event of an accident with an unidentified third party, you will be held responsible for the damage(s). You can read more about liability for damages here.

How could I be denied insurance coverage?

Whatever happens, you must comply with all our insurance conditions. You may be denied insurance coverage if :

  • You don't remain the main driver throughout the rental (secondary drivers are allowed as long as they were added to the rental agreement, but the main driver has to be present at the beginning and end of the rental).

  • The rental was not paid for online with a means of payment in your own name

  • You didn't sign the rental agreement

  • You were not present at check-out

  • You return the car out of the rental period

  • The car was taken out of the authorized countries during the rental (see full list)

Please note also that some devices and errors are not insured, and any damage will be at your responsibility:

  • Damage inside the vehicle (seats, glove box, etc.)
  • Fuel errors
  • Loss of keys
  • Any breakdown consequent to a misbehavior on your behalf
  • Any aggravation of a first damage or breakdown

What is the deductible?

The deductible is the maximum amount you would pay for any damage to the vehicle. The remaining repair costs are covered by the insurance.

When you book a rental, the deductible is not debited directly. It will only be charged if you damage the vehicle.

The deductible amount varies, depending on:

  • The car category
  • The protection plan you chose for your rental (Minimum, Plus, or Premium)
  • The type of damage

Deductibles by country:


Please note: the deductible does not apply to interior damages. If you damage the vehicle's interior, you will be charged the full repair costs.

Will my Visa Premier, Mastercard Gold or American Express card refund me the insurance deductible?

No, Visa Premier, Mastercard Gold and American Express cards insurance do not cover peer-to-peer car rental and will not refund you your insurance deductible. Only rentals made through a professional car renter are covered by their insurance.

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