What are the different levels of deductible per category of vehicle?

Our insurance covers you during your rental, with a deductible in case of damage to the car. As a renter, this deductible is to be borne by you. You can choose to reduce your deductible, by opting for the "deductible reduction" option, during the payment or anytime before the beginning of the first half-day of rental, from Your rentals > Selected rental.

Here are the different deductible levels in the event of an accident:

For cars registered in France


Due to insurance requirements, all drivers under 25 years old are required to pay a young driver's surcharge of 10€ per trip.

For cars registered in Spain, Austria and Belgium


For cars registered in Germany


For cars registered in the UK


Due to insurance requirements, all drivers 25 years and under are required to pay a young driver's surcharge of £20 per trip.

Please note that the "deductible reduction" option does not cover vehicle theft. The deductible you would have to pay in case of theft would hence be the regular deductible.

If you have an accident with a third party and you are not responsible, you will initially be required to pay the excess. The excess amount will then be refunded to you, once your responsibility has been cleared by our insurance partner.

However, in the case of an accident with an unidentified third party, you'll be considered liable for the damages. You can find more information on liability here.

Be careful, insurance deductibles are applicable to each incident that may occur during your rental.

In case of multiple incidents during your rental, the deductible reduction will only cover one of them.

On top of the insurance deductibles, you will also be charged:

  • €30 of event processing fee per incident (£30 in the UK).
  • Finally, in case of an at-fault accident with a third-party that you don't declare to the owner or to Getaround, €382 of insurance claim management fee will be applied (£382 in the UK).

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