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What are the force majeure situations where I can be fully refunded after a cancellation?

We set up our cancellation policy to avoid last minute cancellations, and reinforce trust on Getaround. However, some exceptional circumstances that are out of the hands of the owner or the driver can prevent performing the rental. In some cases, if Getaround considers that the cancellation reason expressed by the driver is a force majeure situation, Getaround can decide not to apply the cancellation policy and process to a full refund.

What situations are considered “force majeure” ?

Following situations enter “force majeure” and are admissible for full refund :

  • Sudden death or severe illness of the driver or close family.
  • Serious injury preventing the driver to perform the rental.
  • Natural disaster in the origin or destination location of the rental
  • Urgent travel restrictions or security alerts from the authorities
  • Citizen duty (ex : jury duty).

If you want to request a full refund :

Go to Your Rentals > Selected rental > Refund request following a cancellation within the 24 hours following the cancellation to suspend the owner’s payment.After this delay, we won’t be able to open a refund request and you will have to find an arrangement directly with the owner. Attach any photo or evidence supporting your request. Be reactive to our information requests if necessary.

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