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How to improve my accept rate ?

Replying to requests is good, but replying YES is even better !

Your accept rate (rental requests accepted / rental requests received) plays an important role on your listing ranking. We can’t afford to propose to our drivers a car whose owner decline too often, otherwise they would not be satisfied. We favour the owners that accept the most often their rental requests in order to maximize the renters’ chances to get a car.

Here our tips to improve your accept rate :

1. Keep your calendar up to date

Specify your car is available on specific dates. You’ll only receive requests when you and your car are available. In case of doubts, put your vehicle unavailable and change its availability when you have more visibility.

2. Precise your rental conditions

It will prevent you from receiving unadapted requests. You can determine :

  • The rental duration : if you think renting your car for only one day is not worth it, precise you want a 2-day minimum rental duration.

  • The booking time frame : if you don’t like receiving last minute requests, precise in your criterias a booking time frame of 48 hours minimum before the beginning of the rental.

  • The mileage : you can limit the number of kilometers traveled by the renters.

3. Make sure the price is right

Our prices are decreasing for long duration rentals. Make sure the level of decreasing fits you, otherwise feel free to change it (Your cars > Manage your listing > Price). This will prevent you from declining request because the gain is too low. You must agree with each price settings in order to accept as many requests as possible.

4. Accept simultaneous requests

If you receive several requests for the same dates, don’t hesitate to accept them all. The first renter who pays validates his rental, while the other requests will be automatically declined, without affected your accept rate.

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