Understanding the direct debit mandate

Article updated on 01/31/2023

A direct debit is an agreement between your bank and Getaround that allows us to charge your account. It is used for months when your rental income is lower than the cost of your Getaround Connect subscription and any associated fees. As long as your earnings are higher than the cost of your subscription, we'll simply deduct the subscription fees from your regular payments.

What control do I have over direct debits?

We will systematically inform you by email 3 calendar days before withdrawing any money by direct debit. You can manage your direct debit mandate directly with your bank, or in Your account > Payment settings.

You can dispute a payment up to 8 weeks after it was debited from your account. If you do dispute a payment, the Getaround Connect device will need to be uninstalled from your car. Your Getaround Connect subscription will be cancelled as soon as we recover the device.

What can be deducted from my account?

All charges related to your Getaround Connect subscription: both the amount of the subscription itself and any associated fees. For instance, if you fail to return the Getaround Connect device installed in your vehicle, you may be invoiced for its loss. Details of applicable fees are available in our terms of service.

When will I be debited?

More than 95% of owners make more than enough each month to cover the subscription costs. In that case, the subscription is simply deducted from their earnings. However, from time to time your monthly earnings might not cover the cost of your subscription. At the end of such a month, you’ll receive advance notice by email 3 days before the amount is debited from your account.

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