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How can I take pictures of the damage to my car?

When you are reporting an incident, it's important to attach clear, neat, precise pictures of the damage on your car. This will allow us to take care of the issue much faster.

The pictures can be taken from a camera or a smartphone.

The photos need to be taken frontally so the damage is clear on the picture. For each damage on the car, you need to take:

  • a picture from afar (6 feet approximately) so we can see where on the car the damage is
  • a picture from close by (1.5 feet approximately) so we can see the details.

Here are two examples of damage pictures:




Here are 3 things to avoid when taking the pictures:

  • reflexions on the pictures
  • dark photos
  • blurry pictures


The clearer the damage is on the pictures, the faster our team will be able to answer you.

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